The following in-person training classes are offered at Campcraft Outdoors.


This is the premier tactical responder course for civilians with a strong desire to respond to threats and emergencies in and around their homes.

Class cost: $400

Date: April 29-May 1


1-day Workshop covering the fundamentals of Urban Survival. The class runs from 9am to 5pm, you will need minimal gear which is covered at the sign-up link. 

Class Cost: $75/ Adult, $25/ Child (Under 13)

Date: May 21


This 1-day course covers the maintenance and use of a chainsaw. It offers must-have knowledge for anyone routinely engaged in farm and homestead wood processing. Learn to sharpen chains, dismantle, and troubleshoot like a pro. 9am - 4pm

Class cost: $100 (Includes a take-home IFAK)

Date: March 12


BJJ Street Self-Defense Seminar

This 4hr seminar covers the foundational skills of BJJ Street Self-Defense. This course will prepare you to defend yourself against the most common street attacks and situations. Part of a 24hr Certificate Course for Instructor Certification- this is excellent for Men, Women, Teens, and First Responders of all types. 

Class cost: $75

Date: TBA


Wilderness Survival

This 1-day course will increase your knowledge of emergency survival skills. You will focus on fire making, water purification, and shelter considerations. This class also covers kit mentality for camping, vehicles, and the home. 

Cost: $75 / Adult, $25/ Child (12 and Under)

Date: TBA



This 1-day course will increase your knowledge of crafting from available local resources you find in the woods. You will create natural cordage, primitive fires, and work with trash resources to make survival tools. 

Cost: $75 / Adult, $25/ Child (12 and Under)

Date: TBA

Campcraft TactX

The training branch of Campcraft Outdoors

Bethlehem, Kentucky