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Campcraft TactX | Kentucky
Campcraft TactX | Kentucky

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Campcraft TactX | Kentucky
Campcraft TactX | Kentucky

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What is Kenpo?


American Kenpo was developed by Ed Parker in the 1950's as an update to the traditional karate of his time. Kenpo was developed for more practical street self-defense encounters and is hallmarked by rapid hand strikes, kicks, weapons use, and forms.  

Kenpo Karate is a great way to strengthen your body, increase mobility and serves as a fantastic self-defense foundation. We often train all our beginners in the fundamentals of Kenpo, when this art is combined with or practiced alongside others such as Kapap or Jiu Jitsu, a very well rounded approach to modern street self-defense is attainable.

Jason Hunt is a 5th Dan/ Associate Professor of American Kenpo under GM Joe Whelan and the IKKA.  Jason has been a student of Karate for over thirty-five years and has a passion for using the first law (Kenpo) as a foundation for everyone interested in self-defense. We only teach Karate as a tool of self-defense, not competition. 

Let’s Train Together

Weekly Adult Classes

Tues. & Thurs. 11:00 am-12:30 pm

Free to JJGF or BJJGT Members

$10 mat fee for guests

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