Dr. Jason Hunt has been a life-long student of the outdoors. Since early childhood, he has spent countless hours venturing and exploring the woods and hunting, fishing, and camping with his family. Jason is the founder and chief instructor of Campcraft Outdoors | Campcraft TactX. He and his staff train others to encounter spiritual growth through outdoor skills training. Jason is an avid writer, appearing regularly in Survivor's Edge Magazine, Backwoods Survival Guide, and Prepper's Survival Guide. He is also a published author, having written The Gospel of Survival, Hiking the Narrow Path, Reasons for the Seasons as well as coauthored Bushcraft First Aid. Jason specializes in modern survival, wilderness, and austere medicine with credentials from The Pathfinder School, Randall's Adventure & Training, NASAR, ASHI, KY Emergency Management, Wilderness Medical Society, and Med-Tact School of Tactical Medicine. He holds black belts in Aiki-Jujitsu, Kenpo Karate, and Krav Maga and trains in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. As an ordained minister, his career spanning over twenty years has led him to specialize in outdoor ministry to present survival skills and training through the Biblical Festivals. Jason's degrees are in church ministry, theology, and outdoor ministry leadership. 


Greg Elle, is a veteran law enforcement officer with over 30 years of policing experience.  He has attended hundreds of hours of specialized training in various investigative disciplines, as well as tactical training, high risk raid planning and hostage rescue operations. As a former SWAT team member, he planned and executed over 100 high risk warrants, and participated in several barricaded gunman operations. Within days of the tragic events of 9-11, Greg started working as a Special Agent with the US Secret Service, where he is currently employed. As a Secret Service Agent Greg, deployed to Iraq in 2007-2008 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, as a member of a joint military/law enforcement task force.


In 2016 while attending a bushcraft gathering in Ohio, Greg was introduced to Dr Jason Hunt and family and his journey to Campcraft Outdoors began.  Inspired by a sermon of Jason’s, the two began discussing Jesus and a few months later, Greg was baptized in an old quarry just down the road from the Campcraft campus. Greg would go on to participate in the Campcraft Instructor Development Program and obtain his Instructor Certification in 2019. He has 16 years’ experience as an EMT, is a TCCC Instructor and a graduate of the US Army’s Combat Life Saver Training School in Baghdad Iraq.  He retains several other instructor certifications in firearms, “Stop the Bleed”, CPR/AED and other relevant subjects.


Tony Spencer has been practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2005. As a black belt instructor, he became interested in all things survival and self-reliance which led him to seek out training in wilderness, urban, winter, and tactical skills to keep him sharp. Tony is a recognized JJGF Certified Instructor under Rickson Gracie and is a 2nd degree Black Belt under the Renato Taveres Association. He's trained with Colin and Kyle Cannon and Nick Albin (Chewy) at Derby City Martial Arts where his picture hangs on their black belt wall.  Tony is a Modern Survival skills trainer and has completed his Bushcraft First Aid Certification.  


James Boggs was raised in an outdoors lifestyle. He was hunting, fishing, camping and trapping at every opportunity. After twenty years as a competitive shooter, he retired after winning an IDPA state title. He continue to teach firearms classes as an NRA Instructor. Jamie has trained in short and long term wilderness skills, urban survival, wilderness first aid, herbal medicine, blacksmithing, knapping, and bow-making. As a serial hobbyist, he's very passionate about learning, training, and gear, and developing new skills. He enjoys passing on his skills and knowledge as an Instructor at Campcraft Outdoors, on Youtube at Burning River Bushcraft and through online courses at When not training or sitting in a tree stand, he's epdning time with his wife of over twenty years and his two kids.  


Ethan Hunt works full-time at Campcraft Outdoors where he's trained under the watchful eyes of his father Dr. Jason Hunt, Jamie Burleigh, and other instructors for the past ten years. Ethan has earned multiple certifications as a nationally certified fitness coach with specialties in Boot Camp Fitness, MMA Conditioning, and Tactical Fitness. He's also completed numerous classes at The Pathfinder School where he worked as an Instructors Apprentice for a few years. He's an avid learner always taking part in any training we have going on and he has a passion for Hiking and Backpacker Survival. 


Aaron Branch has spent the majority of his adult life touring with the rock band, Building429 as the Bass player. This has afforded him the opportunity to camp, hunt, fish, and hike in over 100 countries on six continents! Now working as a Surgical Technician, Aaron brings his wealth of skills and medical knowledge to Campcraft where he serves as a lead instructor for outdoor skills day classes. He holds TCCC credentials from Med-Tact School of Tactical Medicine and EMT and CST credentials from Norton Healthcare. He's also a graduate of the Diploma in Wilderness Skills & Leadership at Bethlehem Outdoor College and a Certified Campcraft Outdoors Instructor.